Alpha Flock (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in year 1987 to manufacture Precision Cut electrostatically treated dyed flock fibers in different varieties of fibbers such as Nylon-66, Nylon-6,Viscose (Rayon), Acrylic and Polyester.The unit was set up in the industrially developed zone of Pune which is just 150 KM from Mumbai ( Bombay ) city.Mumbai offers excellent infrastructure for the exportation of product which has one of the world's largest sea port.

Alpha Flock (India) Pvt. Ltd. is having a modern factory setup covering land area of 8000 sq. mtr. including production plant, laboratory, ware house and offices.

The entire manufacturing plant and machinery was imported from Esch Electrostatic GmbH, Germany.Initially manufacturing capacity of the plant was only 450 MT per annum,which is now increased to 2000 MT per annum.Our factory is well equipped with Quality Control and Testing Laboratory,Research and Development Department.