Flock Cutting  
  Precision Cutting  

Our company has installed very sophisticated precision flock cutting machines manufactured by BERGERS MACHINENBAU GmbH, GERMANY; which ensures absolute precision cutting of the flock fibers.The cut length varying from 0.3 mm upto 5.0 mm is regularly produced. We use continues filament tow for our flock production of Nylon and Viscose material supplied by internationally repute companies like DuPont - USA, Rhodia - France, Svenska Rayon - Sweden and Caurtaulds - UK.

Flock Grinding
To manufacture Ground Flock we have installed two state of art flock grinding mills equipped with built in sieving arrangement and the pneumatic material conveying arrangement. The raw material used for manufacturing the Ground Flock is staple fiber supplied by reputed fiber industries and do not contain any contamination or impurities. The random cut lengths from 0.3 mm upto 1.0 mm is in regular production in different titters.


Our company has installed very sophisticated flock dyeing facilities to ensure excellent washing fastness & Light fastness, against the ultra-violet radiation. We are very particular while selecting our dyestuffs, such as Acid dyes, Metal Complex Dyes, Reactive Dyes and Sulfur Dyes. We have short listed our dyes suppliers to the internationally repute companies like Clarient, BASF,Ciba Geigy and Color-Chem.We have already developed 2000 + color shades; we also accept the color matching as per the customers requirements.

  Drying & Sieving  

Alpha Flock (India) Pvt. Ltd. has installed very sophisticated system of flock drying & conditioning in line with multistage sieving facilities including Rotary Type Siever and Vibration Siever.This facility results into very precise sieving operations and total elimination of long fibers.


a) We pack our Flock in strong 5 ply paper sacks or in woven polypropylene bags. These bags are having inside polyethylene film lining which is sealed and made airtight.

b) In some cases we also offer corrugated paper box for the packaging of flock particularly for the Flock fibers having longer cut lengths.


We are having very sophisticated laboratory facilities and the latest testing equipments which helps company to maintain their high standard of product quality and for the continues development of product.We assured our Flock with washing fastness minimum 4 to 5 as per ISO and light fastness minimum 6 and fastness to ultra-violet radiation as required by the customer.Each and every batch according to ISO specifications and industry standards to maintain our quality.